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12:35 p.m. - April 6, 2008
Bad Travellers: The Norman Bates Edition
So here is how it breaks down
Im at work
We have a group of Doctors here
We have a group of people that teach Russian
We have a Wedding Party

Dr. Dale Klein is a DOCTOR
Dont call him Mister
He will choke you out

He is Norman Bates reincarnated
He is About 40 years old
His MOMMY is with him
She has a foot in the grave

When she is around he is a meek crybaby. When she isnt he is a total ANUS! He has verbally abused every member of the staff.

It is to the point we are about to have an uprising. He said Casey threatened to kill him. I just repeat everything he says like a Myna Bird. There is no manager here and he cant seem to comprehend that we are just left alone with no supervision...its like Anarchy!!!For the first time in the HISTORY of the Colcord Hotel We are ALL renegades on the same team!





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