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12:31 p.m. - February 13, 2008
More Travel Tips
I guess noone got the first memo...however here is an addendum to it:

Ill just list shit cuz Im took put out to get long winded.

1. Dont smart off to Staff. Any Staff. Hotel Staff, Restaurant Staff, hell Wal-Mart Staff. We dont think you are one bit funny so save your sarcastic witt for someone else...possibly a relative.

2. If you are at a hotel dont ask if you can hook your Playstation,Wii, or Nintendo game system to the TV. The answer is NO. Dont fuck with the way the TVs are set up in the rooms. If we wanted you to play video games we would provide one for you. If we were really adamant about it we would have an arcade. And if you cant leave home for one stinking night without your stupid game system you really need to have your life examined because you are a pathetic fuck.

3. Dont ask a reservationist what comes in a room. You most likely will get an answer like "a complimentary Water Buffalo" or "fire ants". What the fuck do you think comes in the room? A bed, TV a place to bathe if you do that and a place to piss...geezus.

4. Get off the cell phone in the lobby. we dont care what your "dude" is up to and we dont need you yelling on your cell. Go outside you loud twat.

5. If an attendant, cashier, front desk agent or waitperson is helping someone, wait your fucking turn. Do NOT butt in line because you "just need change for a 5" or "directions to hell". We will be with you shortly. Patience is a virture and will get you alot farther.

6. If there is a person in line in front of you that is slow or just damn stupid, just breathe...its not the agents fault and I am willing to bet they are as frustrated as you.

7. Hotels, restaurants and other service establisments do not by practice hire psychics. So please do not expect the Staff to know what you are thinking.

8. Communicate Clearly. If you are confused admit it. You look liess like a twat if you just ASk for help.

9. Dont try to fake us out. We are smarter than you.

10. Once again remember...we are NOT the enemy...unless you really piss us off.



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