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12:32 p.m. - March 16, 2008
Taking the wind out of your sails
As you all know I have been in the travel business on and off [more on] for the last 10+ years. When I moved to Oklahoma I was working for my dad and ended up in a situation where I could get back into the business I �thought� I was meant to do for a living because I love it so....working for a Boutique Hotel.

I really love this job, the guests [even though I bitch about them] and some of the people I work with.

Recently they posted a job that is a step up from what I am doing. I clearly made a mistake when I hired on by stating that I wanted to start in the trenches and work my way up. I should have come in and said...Imma manager and thats that.

Well anyways, I applied for the position. I interviewed and the GM and Asst. Hotel Manager told me the interview was great and they would be doing second round interviews in a week. carried on...Perfect example of a company telling you what you want to hear so you do all the work and they dont have to do anything.

Yesterday I got a fucking FORM letter in the mail yesterday telling me they appreciated me taking time out to interview but that there were other people more qualified for the position than me....I have 10 yrs experience but okay...

So now I am sitting here wondering why I even bother. I feel so taken advantage of. My second day on the job I was left alone. I am left on the shitty shifts working my ass off. I never called in sick, always on time and always there to pick up the slack when the rest of the staff for the most part fuck off, dont show up, pull all kinds of crap and they get treated better than me.

It seems like the management team is afraid of putting an opinionated driven person in the position? Or maybe too many of the Darkies I work with have yelled discrimination enough and spread rumors about me that they would make a difference in the management decision to hire me? I think it is a combination of everything.

The one thing that bothers me the most is that they didnt even have the balls to come and talk to me. They use a cop out and send a letter...Thanks Guys...maybe Ill send you a letter when I quit.

The unfortunate thing is that I do [did] love where I work and what I do...But it is time for me to re-evaluate the loyalty I show to the hotel and take my talent to a place that will appreciate it. I am better suited to a place that has organization and some kind of Standard Operation Procedures. My "wing it" days are numbered...and now I am looking for a regular 9-5 job or one that will allow me to focus on my Dynamite Jett shows and things that are worth my time...

Even if they came in and offered me something else I think I would have to say no thanks...They are all shady and I shoulda listened to my sister when she told me the owner wasnt a smart business man with a bad reputation in the building industry.

Live and learn right?



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