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2 p.m. - June 29, 2008
I Wanna Thank You
I have had a really bad go of things lately. I was rolling for a while and now not so much. When I was up everyone was my friend. When I am doing shows everyone is my friend. It has come crystal clear to me now that most people are around only if they think they can get something from me. Anything to benefit them at no expense.

Things would be so much easier to swallow if people would just get the balls to say things like, "I don't really wanna be your friend, I just want you to do stuff for me". Yea as if that would ever happen right?? You get alot more stuff for free with temporary superficial pretend friendships.

Here is a PRIME EXAMPLE....When the 'vette got wrecked very very very few people came to my side to see if I needed anything. And those 4 people still check in on me and always ask what's up, or just call for the hell of it. Hell even one person who I have come to be alot better friends with emailed me to see what was up. I know she and I will be friends for a long time to come.

But this isn't the reason for this blog. This is a Thank You, Thank You to the people that never call anymore, never email, never ask about what's going on with me, only want to talk about themselves because they are so self absorbed they don't see past their own noses, never take one second to shoot a text to say hey to people that they said were their 'best friend', 'sister', 'partner in crime'. This is to the people I covered for, had their back, funded their drinking [when i had no job], promoted, supported and befriended. Thank you for disappearing when I am not doing a show. Thank you for making any new comers into my life have a harder time than they deserve to get close to me. Thank You for the deception and making it alot easier not to trust people even more so than I did before I met you.

You ALL Rock!

You Selfish Pricks.



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