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3:22 p.m. - April 24, 2008
Friendship, Love, Monsters in the Closet and the Sun
You start out in this world alone. And through the course of time you make and lose friends. You fall in and out of love. You are afraid of the monster in the closet as a child and you learn the sun is warm and wonderful but also that it draws things into it just to destroy them.

I have struggled with friendships in my life. I am not the easiest person to be a friend with. I am high strung and angry alot. I bite off more than I can chew. I scream and cry and throw tantrums. I can hate at the drop of the hat and it takes me a long time to love. If you can get past all my walls and insecurities and issues you will find Im not really all that bad.

I make bad choices. In life, In love, In careers, In Business, in everything. I have knee jerk reactions to things. I jump and then think. I roll with the moment. I never think thru the consequenses.

But here is the bare facts: I would never do anything to intentionally cause harm to anyone. I would never burn a friend. I cherish my friends and would do anything for someone if I can. I dont like drama and have kept myself out of the drama tornado for a long time....until bad.

SO this is to my friends, without going into the gorey details because they just dont matter. Fact is this, I am drawing myself away from the drama and the people associated with it. Its useless and stupid and its just a jealous bunch of hooey. I thank you for putting up with my crazy out of control madness over the last 3 days.

I have been told that my reputation as a promoter is aparantly at stake. My name is going to be ruined for life. And a number of other choice actions take to me because I told someone something I didnt know was top secret or actually [and this is my bad] even a fact as of yet. Truth of the matter is that I wasnt setting out to upset the natural balance of the 'king pins' of the industry here [who might I add I had never heard of til about 2 weeks ago]. But aparantly I have fucked up so bad that I should just pack up and move away.


I promote and fund Showcases. I dont care about the big wigs and their big national acts. Im here for the little guy, cuz Imma little guy too. My bands get paid. We have fun and the show goes on. I have no desire to work in for a huge promoter or any of that crap. I like what I do, its a hobby. I am not in competition with any of these big promoters. Who gives a shit about me? Is it possible that someone as insignificant as me can start a shit storm so big it could ruin concerts for an entire city? I dont think so. Mountain/Molehill .... you get the picture?

I met the sucked me in and now is trying to destroy me....however a few wonderful people have stepped up to rescue me from dire peril...

Anyways...I just wanna say thanks to the people that believe in me now and for future projects. Thanks to the people that have stepped up to support the cause and thanks for the bands that believe in us enough to give us a chance.




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