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6:49 p.m. - September 09, 2008
An update of sorts
So I havent been to active as of late. So I guess its time to bring everyone up to speed. Sooooo bear with me. I am going to start a rant and go til I get a cramp I cant massage. Mkay? Here we go.

Well I am still here in the armpit. HATE. But as time goes on I get alot more used to the Beverly Hills of the poverty stricken. I have since become alot more broke than I was so I fit in quite well.

I am gonna start out about jobs..then I am gonna go off on friends and then men...Order of interest you see...makes you read.

After the car Store and my MRSA infection I went to work at the Colcord Hotel. Now as all you know I have been in Hotels for a long fucking time...However this POS establishment takes the cake. It is a cool place but the management is a big old bucket of ass and they need their heads lopped off pronto. The small skinny of it is that they treated me like crap and I quit. I got choice text messages from the Fag Track Star after I quit. He had made my career there a miserable and horrible one the whole time I was there. Karma you homo bitch....Sho nuff Karma came in the form of the Colcord Hotel being sold to Devon Energy. SO that ass licker will have no job there either. Suck it.

I sat on my ass growing broker by the minute for a few months. I got a call from my dear friend Robert that he was in on opening a new restaurant and needed me to come help. So out of unemployment and back to the bartending grind for a month. It helped keep gas in my car and jack in my belly until I finally got the call from The Ghost Pilot Job at the FAA to come interview. YAY!! New job, Great hours, Awesome pay. You know how you always wanted the kinda job where you can do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. NA NA NA NA NA ...I got is so wonderful. I do not understand how not everyone in existence doesnt have this job. Wondering what I do? I help train Air Traffic use your imagination....So here is the job, that if I can control my MOUTH, I should have for a long ass time. Pray for me.

Now as far as friends go, Well I have been thru a few non-mentionables. However the core has pretty much remained the same. I have mended fences with Wendy and Lolo and Azura [sorta]. However I am NOT going to be friends with Leslie again, I concluded she is a useless life suck and I dont need that crap...

Now men...good lord...

Yea there has been a few but there was [is] on that I met and really like. However, like most of the guys I tend to gravitate toward he has more issues than the National geographic. Of course the best one is that he has "commitment issues". Heard THAT before. He and I had gone out a few times, we romped it up pretty good and then one night, when he was supposed to pick me up for a date, he no showed. No call, nothing. Just left me sitting...ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!

Well Catina was out at Hudsons one night and saw him and called to tell me to get my ass up there. Now number one I HATE Hudsons. But in the event I can make someone miserable I am so in so off I went. No I didnt talk to him. I acted like I was ignoring him while my newly made acquaintances dictated his moves at the table he was at. I left there and went to another bar and got kinda drunk. So when I got home my passive aggressive idiot brain kicked in and I sent what my friends call a "Token Vix Nasty Gram". It did get his attention and we made amends and moved on. Happy as I am we did start seeing each other every week and every other weekend [he has rugrats]. Then three weeks ago he wanted some time with his I respect that. I have been taking all his free time. Im not an idiot. Then the next weekend he had his kids. But we are still hanging kinda on thursdays. Then Labor day weekend and I do NOT get invited to go to his place in Medicine park. [SIDEBAR: prior to this weekend I was told {by him} that he didnt want a Girlfriend and that if I wanted to date it was ok] Whatever jerk. So on Labor day weekend I go ut and meet Sam. Charming youngster that looks like Nicholas Cage. Drives a moped, works in landscaping, blah blah blah...not much to it other than his place has a great view and his bod rocks me like nobodys business. Then I helped Kass give a big BBQ and hooked up with Leahcim...

Chad called me on Monday and informed me he had just gotten home from his other place and that he was sick all weekend. [BULLSHIT]. However me made a plan to go out thursday night. YAY! Thursday rolls around and he text messages me and tells me he is at his kids open house and that he will call me in a bit. This is at 6pm. I still havent heard from him.

Im done with this crapola.

The Fatass hasnt reared his ugly fat face in a while...GOOD! Life is quiet there.

I havent really been dating anyone so it isnt a big loss I havent written. But I promise starting today I will be back to writing and keeping everyone happy with my miserable bullshit...

For now I am off to get ready for Big Broyher 10..Yea I am a MAJOR loser.



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