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5:03 a.m. - March 23, 2009
A Piece of Advice....And a Rant
It seems lately I have been run over for being nice and trusting people. No wait it has been going on for a long time. Well first off let me say that NEVER AGAIN will I trust people doing business with me on their word. So if you are thinking because I am your "buddy" you can run all over me you are wrong. I AM DONE!

That being said. I have alot of music equipment for sale. However if anyone is interested let me tell you NONE of it will leave my house unless it is PAID IN FULL.

I have sold my stuff and loaned it out when my "buddies' give me their word they will pay me. Of course no one ever keeps their word. I should be used to this but I always think the next person is different. Nope.

So for all you out there who do business with or around me, here is a piece of advice. Please consider who you are doing business with and no matter how good of a friend you think you are or they claim to be. Get all transactions and agreements in writing. Especially if it has payment installments. I am also a notary if anyone needs me to witness and read or write up your contracts.

****On A SIde Note [me venting]****

When I lived in California I never was taken advantage of or used like I have been in Oklahoma. The egos of the people here are ridiculous. How people think everyone should drop what they are doing and clammer to do stuff for them because they are "in a band" is ludicrous. None of you are as great as you think you are. Oklahoma is a speck in the grand scheme of things. There are other bands out there that are bigger and better than you.

I will drive HOURS to hang out with and help out bands from California way before I will step foot in a bar to see any ungrateful Oklahoma band. I came here with the intention of stopping at nothing to help those I believe in to achieve their goal. Unfortunately a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch and now I am pulling out of the local Oklahoma music stuff. Its sad because I have alot to offer and do it expecting nothing in return. I tried. I failed. Oklahoma musicians and bands need to get their egos in check.

There are a couple of bands I will still go see no matter what. You know who you are [Glister, Approaching August, Aranda]. But unfortunately due to past and present circumstances I am out of the scene.

Best of luck to all of need it....Try not to fuck anyone else over...



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