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12:40 p.m. - April 20, 2015
Girl Code

Girl Code.

Its spoken and unspoken rules between girlfriends. But when is it, if ever, okay to break them? My opinion NEVER unless you don't want that friend anymore.

More often times than not Girl Code is broken over a guy. Have you ever met a guy that is so amazing that it is ok to hurt your friends to keep him? Me either.

Thing is that in a lot of cases your friend will always still be there, she will step aside and wait in the shadows for you to resurface when the new wears off. And then you carry on. She will support you thru bad and good. She is a TRUE FRIEND.

However, when trust is broken over a guy, well my friends, that's a different ball game.

I saw a guy steady for 2 weeks, He was from out of town and we had fun. I liked him, a lot. Even tho I knew it would never be anything my "best friend" knew how I felt. She felt it too about his friend because we talked about it.

Now during this time she was with his friend. His friend did something that upset her. He contacted another friend in the group for reasons undisclosed to me, However I am sure it wasn't just to chit chat. My "BF" got completely pissed at him and with all right she probably should have, even tho the situation was they would NEVER be an item. The contacted friend of course shut him down and told the BF. Because that's GIRL CODE.

Now these guys left. I knew I wouldn't see them again because they travel all over for work. My "BF" had gotten my guys number and text and chit chatted all the time. I never got her guys number. Why would I need it? She never told me she talked to him unless i asked her and she would tell me yes and very vague details. Up until a couple of weeks ago the contact between me and my guy were sporadic but there. Then, all of the sudden, they stopped. I didn't know why, no explanation. Okay, cool. I get it.

Well this weekend I am thumbing thru Facebook and what do I see? Photos of my supposed "BF" and my out of town guy..AT HER HOUSE!

Now looking back it all comes clear. She stopped doing anything with me after they left. The relationship between she and I felt strange and strained. I wrote it off to her being burned out and she told me she was "busy with work".

Now I see the whole situation clearly. They have been talking. She probably told him something to make him stop talking to me like "she is in love with you" "she is still hung up on you" who knows some bullshit like that. Anything to make him not talk to me anymore. Its fine, I have moved on and the fact he doesnt want to see me isnt even why I am mad.

Why am I mad? Because she "honored his wishes" by not telling me they were coming. Ok thats fine but how about that virtual slap in the face with all the photos on Facebook? Did she not think the shock of seeing that would hurt me? This asshole thinks she did nothing wrong and that I am supposed to be OK with all this. She says I have jealousy issues of friends hanging with other friends without me. No where close to true. I introduce my friends to each other so we can all have fun. I never expect to be at every outing. Cmon.

If the roles had been reversed and a guy she had been with had said to me "I wanna see you but I dont wanna see her" I would have said "dude I get it but she is my friend, and I cant do that to her." Why??? Because thats GIRL CODE!!!!

Dudes aside what she did to me is unforgivable. How would I ever be able to trust her again. And like I said it isnt because she is with him its because she kept secrets and chose him over me. Clearly our friendship was just a way for her to meet guys and completely superficial. I am a fucking idiot. I am an idiot because I thought she was my friend and I didnt cut her loose when I found out about her getting his number behind my back. And I Am an idiot for getting involved with some guy from out of town and thinking he had a loyal bone in his body. He is a POS because he didnt have the balls to tell me himself.

For those reading this know....I would NEVER EVER try to steal a man from a friend, I would never hang out with a guy a friend was with, interested in or dated way back when. Thats not who I am.

I may be a little spastic and crazy, my lifestyle may be on the ledge and kind of questionable at times, but I will tell you this.... Unless you screw me over I will be your friend. I would take a bullet for my friends. My TRUE FRIENDS.

I believe in Girl Code.



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