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12:10 p.m. - May 26, 2015

We all have it and it comes in so many different faces. Money, Job, Social, Love. All of us get to the point of "enough is enough".

I was there. Bad, horrible, terrible relationship that lasted close to 6 years. Cheated, Lied, stole and drank me into a ruination. My credit is ruined. I have a 300.00 trash bill (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK). No money to replace the roof on my mobile home I dwell in out in the middle of tornado alley. All because of an asshat I thought was a "good guy". Deception...another entry perhaps.

I have been STRUGGLING to recover. Financially, emotionally you name it. I didnt know what to do...

I turned to God.

Now I am not getting into this on some religious soap box however if you havent done this before I highly recommend it.

You hear of people spouting the verses. They talk of healing and miracles and blessings...OKAY OKAY ...

Im not one of those. As a matter of fact doubt runs my engine.

However...when I turn on faith and let life changed.

I could go into all of the details but thats neither here nor there...what I can say is when I needed help it was there.

And then.....when I least expected it..A man came into my life that has changed me.

I am happy again.

Am I still in a struggle? Sure. Is it all overwith? The bad? Probably not but its better.

God never will give you more than you can handle.

Anyways dont take my word for it...if its tough, try it.

Ill get back to funny here in a few..



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