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8:22 p.m. - Oct. 18, 2002
Day one
Okay so this is the first day of this dumb thing. I need to keep stuff written down but I am a lazy ass that spends way too much time in front of a screen. So let me bring things up to speed in case you dont know me...

Born in Dallas oldest of 2

yada yada yada

Moved to California

Fell in love

Wrecked my car

Quit my job

Told the love of my life to go away

(unhealthy relationship for me very one sided)

Now--- No job, no boyfriend,

broken heart

on the mend but still broken.

and a new Z...I love the car so that is a good thing I guess....Oh and Paco and Harley birds...make life a little easier.

Hence a friday night at home..UNUSUAL ...all my buds are incapacitated. I think I need a new circle of friends. I am bored and I will not get fat!!!

Okay so here is the deal. more sadness no more waiting around. I have to get it together and pull my shit outta my ass. I WILL have a Job and a new MAN ASAP. ( I already got the car and I dont plan on replacing the friends...just adding to them.) So for tonight...




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