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1:56 p.m. - June 03, 2015
The point of this entry.....
Soooo this is what happened...

I was with Joe for going on 5 yrs. The asshat cheated on me the whole time with his ex wife. When it finally came to a head I kicked him out and 2 days later he married her. UGH

Thats not the point of this entry.....

When he left, i was left with a shitload of bills...for example...

the trash bill is 25.00 a month and when I got the bill after he was gone it was for 375.00. WHAT THE FUCK HE SAID HS PAID IT!! WHERE IS THE TRASH???

That is also not the point of this entry.....

I had to sell so much shit. I sold everything that was his that was left behind, and to make it worse I had to sell my Andalusian Gelding Tigre.

That IS the point of this entry.....

I listed him on craigslist for 2500.00 and had this woman in Tulsa wear me out for over a month wanting him. She and her idiot husband came and looked and left to "eat lunch and talk". They called me back and turned it down. Then she kept hounding me over and over for him. Finally it was settled and she purchased him for 2000.00. I had to take him to them. One of the hardest drives I have ever made.

Hes gone. Im ok. She emails me about 3 months ago telling me she cant ride because she has epilepsy and that she is looking for a rider but if I want him back she will sell him back. Nigga I dont have 2000.00...shit.

Life moves on.

I am a craigslist junkie, always looking for crap I dont need. SO this past Monday I am looking for a parrot. I click on something and it takes me out of the Oklahoma City Craigslist and puts me in Tulsa. I didnt notice and went to the farm and garden and what do I see? Yep my Andalusian listed for sale for 1500.00 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!???

I email her, I text her, I get nothing. I send the link to my amazing boyfriend and 'splain to him that shit just got real. I needed to vent, and cry and basically bitch.

He calmly explains that he is sorry and that he will look into it basically...

I did NOT mean for him to do anything. I just wanted someone to talk to. But what does my Batman do? He makes arrangements for me to have my horse back...


The beautiful, one of a kind horse that I had to sell because of an asshat is going to be coming home to me compliments of my wonderful boyfriend.

Easy right? Nothing is ever easy my friends.

The girl text me this am, friendly enough, telling me she had wormed him etc. Then she begins to ask me to pay her for the time she had him since she basically "fed him for the winter and spring for me"

Look you dimwit it was a sale, not a lease, not a "ill help you til you get on your feet" type thing. I laid into her like it was a contest. Thank goodness she backed down.

So tonight me and the man of my dreams are taking off for Jenks Oklahoma to bring my baby boy home. Ill never sell a horse again. Ill be a hooker before I let that happen.

Hey David Price! I LOVE YOU



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