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5:34 a.m. - August 25, 2003
Get a Grip..Then Pull The Trigger
Funny thing about life: UNPREDICATBILITY. With me, if I even TRIED to figger out why the shit I get dealt seems to only happen to me, I would have an anneurism.

I went to see Dave and the Toby Keith gang last night at Staples. Suz and I got there early which wasnt really THAT early. It worked out perfectly. we were having a drink at the stupid sports bar next door (which doesn't have champagne for the record and that is what I wanted ..fuckers) and my cell phone rang. ANONYMOUS CALL...hmm must be Pop Tart. Thats his new "schtick". Since I told him how to do it (block his calls) he is all over it. Well lemme tell ya when I answered the phone he ripped me a new one. Now why you might ask...lets look back a sec. He was pissed at me on thursday and took off to pout in the desert. (and for the record...CK has been around alot longer so there are no regrets there) He told me that we would get together Saturday. NEVER called til the middle of the night and then SUNDAY he loses his mind. He said I called him too much and I just couldnt WAIT for him to call me back...okay lets see why Vicki called so many times....

1. He hasnt been around when he said he would. Worried something bad happened.

2. He doesnt answer emails. See above

3. He is mentally unstable right now and I fucking CARE.

He told me he is supposed to be going to anger management classes as ordered by the court. I AGREE TOTALLY. Do I know what brought all this on? NO..he blames it on the 1/2 dead cat...I dont think he is being 100% honest with me and I would LOVE to hear his ex's side to this story. I mean I can be a meanie and wanna kill an ex but I wouldnt waste my time in court over a cat that is about to drop dead. I know there is more to it. UNLESS she is a mental patient with an undead cat fixation who has ALOT of money that she would rather throw at lawyers than buy shoes. (***see footnote***)

Anyway after chewin my ass off he hung up on me (very mature). Fuck it. He was on the edge. I liked it but hell. I cant play second to the drama he has going on in his life. You think I am a drama queen? You outta hear him talk...and talk...and talk...and talk...and the life outta me. I do care about him alot. I tried calling (oops) and text messaging response. Guess he is done...BUH BYE.

I did meet a new guy yesterday. he is older than I usually date...wont name the puppy yet. There is no date potential with him for a couple of weeks so I will get back to him later. However might I add...he is a looker...musician, harley rider..too good to be true? Prolly. No chicken counting here.

Gonna go to Stretch's tonight I think. Nothing notable there til after. I couldnt go last night cuz of the show so I ll do it today.

This week is gonna be a killer cuz I have so much to do. Stretch's tonight. Maybe dinner with Dave tomorrow night, Suz to LB airport wednesday night, NOTHING thursday (no I am NOT going to the Goat)and then the new guy has a gig at the Harp friday.

Got an email from Sassy's man "checkin in" ***sigh*** what do I say without sounding like a bitter crone? Nothin at this time. I wrote a letter but I havent sent it cuz it just isnt real sweet. Mom told me if I cant say something nice dont say anything at all. OKAY MOM I WONT.

Back to the show last night. As usual Toby is a GREAT entertainer. He is a bit of an egomanical sell out but a good entertainer. he had a Ford Truck on stage and he had bits of all his commercials playing at the beginning of the show. But they had changed things up and the show was a spectacular thing as usual. Suz and I had a blast dancing and singing. there was a real cute guy stading next to me named Chuck. He was 40 and I think I scared the life outta him. (Great Ass for the record) I told him and his friend that I would take them to meet the band but when the show was over. Dude he RAN. His loss. I think it is funny actually.

So I have inventory this week. I was gonna work late and I might still a little just not tonight or wed. If they ask for volunteers I'll let the ass kissers do it first. I just dont want to right now. Guess I outta get my shit done and go to the salt mines.


I do NOT understand how any woman would rather throw money at untangibles when she can buy SHOES. Esp. at Footsies where it is 3 pair for 26 bux....DAMN....Yes I have a shoe purchase problem.

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