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5:24 a.m. - October 15, 2003
The Pine Mine Incident
There may not be alot written for a couple of days after today...well at least til friday...I hafta be at work at the butt crack of the day tomorrow but it is gonna be worth it...We have the Kiss/Aerosmith concert tomorrow tomorrow is my friday. And on the real friday I think I Am gonna sleep ALOT.

So I talked to my friend B last night forever..she moved back to Boston...even tho I didnt see her much I miss her ALOT...It was nice knowing shw was there...but hey, you gotta do whats right for you right? And at least she knows she can always come back or come makes its self right. Good luck girl and Ill talk to you next Tuesday...

Scuba called last night..How wierd is that...Deep down, past the freak there is a good guy in there. And as hard as it is to tell him no if things go the way I think they will this weekend..I am gonna hafta tell him no...

Last night I got a Text Message from SJ...He was in Hollywood on Melrose and passed a place called The Pine Mine...they specialize in 1950's Danish Modern Furniture...OH be still my heart...he actually REMEMBERS STUFF!!!

Well I am gonna post some lyrics for B and then I am out to get clean...



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