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5:04 a.m. - October 31, 2003
Friday....Halloween...YAY. Not that it is a real big deal. I was gonna do Samhain ritual tonight and may still if it gets rainy out and the band gets cancelled tonight. Otherwise its out with my buds to party at JT Schmidts. Jill wants ta dress up. I dont. I dont think I will...maybe all black? Or maybe some retro clothes. Nah...well maybe.

Sis called yesterday...damn if she isnt pregnant. I guess I am gonna be an Auntie again. She hasnt told the parental units...they are gonna wait til thanksgiving. I wont be there so she told me early. I gotta keep the big trap shut. I am kinda excited tho.

I am still kinda pissy at the Slave Driver. I wont be going to lunch with them today. I am pretty broke and wont have any cash til after work. So this will be the first time it doesnt happen. Here is what is funny...I have bought all those losers lunch many times...what do I get NADA...I wont be doin it again. Thats for sure.

I talk briefly with SJ yesterday. He is stressed with all the mayhem at his house. I can imagine. I know when someone spends the night here I am ready for them to leave before they even wake up. I like my privacy and you lose that with house guests. It hasta be particularly frusterating when they have no home to go to. I think she needs to call her insurance company and get her ass into an apartment. NOW. But in the meantime I am gonna give him space. I dont wanna be the one that bugs him. And my sista made a good point. She said you know how when one person is on your nerves, everyone gets on your nerves? Well thats a good point and I dont wanna alienate the best thing I ever had.

Funny, I am kinda in an 80's music mood...and Paco is just dancin and singing this am...funny chikin...I think he is fond of the Thompson Twins...FREAK...I am also learning to imitate the funky little noises Harley now we can talk...but I have no idea what he is sayin...yea I am a dork.

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