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5:23 a.m. - November 03, 2003
Car shows, Foo Ball, Friends & SJ
Well what a weekend...damn...lets see where to start...

Friday I went with Jill, D and Britt to the guys play at JT Schmids. They were supposed to play outside but it rained and they didnt. It was inside. SO alot of the restaurant patrons left. So it was cool kinda like a private party. All us girls (and there was a lot of us) sat in the booth and just partied and had fun. SJ brought me the shirt he got me and gave it to me in front of everyone. It was kinda a scene, but in a good way. And it definately let all know that there is something going on but they dont know what. I split at 1:30 after the gig was over and of course he called on the way home.

Saturday I didnt do much. Stayed home and chilled mostly. I did go walk and then came in and crashed early. Nothing to write home about.

Sunday Britt and I went to the Anaheim car show. SJ took his son and two of his friends and they met us there. Then Jil came out and met us. It was great to spend the day with SJ. And I did get to be around his kid for the first time. It was a good day. I was hoping he would come watch foo ball with me but naw. He went to grill at his house. But Jill, Britt and D came to corner office to hang and eat and watch tube with me. SJ called a few times and text messaged me thru out the game. I was pissed the Vikes played like shit. But he told me that we would go down to Sandy Egoo this weekend and root them on. I cant wait. Man I adore this guy.

The week ahead? Nada. Stayin HOME. I gotta get the money situation in check and make sure we get everything taken care of. I dont know how I got so behind...but a weekend off will do me some good.

Well I am outta here...ill post the link to new pics when I get them out there...


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