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12:49 p.m. - November 04, 2003
A whole lotta Nada
Here is the link to my pics....

I didnt get a chance to write this morning cuz fuckin Adelphia cable as rewiring Santa here I am at work and about to die of pure boredom.

Lets see I didnt walk last night cuz it was stinkin raining and cold. Now the cold I can deal with but not the rain...screw THAT.

SJ called me on the way home last night and told me he had been in training all day and gave em a quick overview of "communication styles". He is wicked smart...I love learning from him. I told him thanks for being there when I was stressin over the Vikes...and he said not to worry cuz Ill be there this weekend....WHOOPIE!!!! WE ARE GOIN TO THE GAME!!!!

Have I said lately how much I dig him?

Jill is havin a rough week...parentals, kiddos and potential suitors are just enuf to make her nuts I her ex is a pain in the ass...I thoought it was me but she says it isnt so I guess okay.

We talked about having peeps over to her house friday to hot tub it.I dunno I may just chill at the house. SJ has to be in his bro's wedding saturday in pasadena and then sunday is an early one I would imagine. I need to chill out a bit. Maybe I'll paint.

I was on my way in this morning and SJ called. It is wonderful to talk to him first thing in the am...I get so excited, its kinda retarded how giddy I get. He is on a new car kick....but he wants a used spyder convertable...I told him I would hit santa ana auto mall or cerritos...just to look around...we will see...

Well I better get back to work...I will update tomorrow on the "nothing" that occurs in my life daily.

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