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12:06 p.m. - November 11, 2003
Tepid Tuesday
Okay so I wrote this really long entry this am and fuckin Adelphia took down the net for about 30 and I lost the whole fucking thing....I am gonna try to recall but dont hold your breath...

You ever feel like you wanna take a really big **sigh** and all the things that are bothering you subside when you exhale? Guess what? Nice thought but it doesnt happen...

I have been having anxiety attacks like you wouldnt believe...they come in spurts followed with about a week worth of insomnia. I hadta take 4 sleeping pills last night just to bring me down and then I still woke up at midnight.

I spoke with Jill this AM and britt a bit ago..I am thinking we may nix going to Manhattan beach this weekend.. Steve from the other night asked me to happy hour on friday...I wanna see SJ but I am just not to jazzed on driving all the fuckin way up there ...we will see the week is still young and it is too soon to tell how I am gonna feel come friday.

Sis called and is feeling better. I still dont know if I am handling her news very well. I am getting way emotional over it. Maybe I am homesick, have PMS or mmoon madness...fuck I dont know but when I talk to her I wanna just bust into tears...I miss my sis.

I havent posted any luyrics lately. I guess it is cuz I dont have any that seem fitting. Ill look into it further tonight...right now I prolly oughtta jet cuz I am at work and I fuck off enuf as it is...If anything post worthy happens today Ill let ya know...til then


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