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4:03 a.m. - November 10, 2003

Thats all I can say about how this weekend panned out. And let me tell ya...if it was any sort of sign for how this week will go I would just rather eat a bullet.

Lets see... car gets vandalized.

Saturday...I stayed in where it was safe.

Sunday...SJ partied too hard and didnt feel like hanging...(glad I let him off the hook for the game huh?)AND the Vikes to a header to the fucking CHARGERS for gods sake.

Then here is the big cherry...My sis called from Missouri where she is on vacation...She had a miscarriage.

Well I tell ya what...I dont think things can get much more depressing. I need an attitude adjustment. Kel wants me to move home. Part of me wants to. I am feeling like I did the last time I ran home 3 yrs ago. I just dont see any light right now and I need something good. I am to the point where I think I kinda wanna wash my hands of all of this and go into hiding for a while. I am gonna do what I can not to let this shit get me into a really bad depressed and hybernative state. But shit I mean why me? I dont think I am a mean person. Maybe I need a little space? Maybe I need to get back into the dating mix? Maybe I need a lobotomy? Maybe a serious change of scenery? Fuck I dunno. I think I did snap a bit last night. I cried...I try not to do that. And I think it could al come to the forefront again if I am not careful.

I need something good RIGHT NOW. I think I have had just about enought shit for one person for a while.

See ya....

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