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6:20 a.m. - April 06, 2004
Buffalo Bill
Holy Fuck...

Check this...

I put an ad on Craig's List for anyone that wanted to unload old albums and musical instruments that I would come get them if they were giving them away.

I get an email from this "Ziggy" character that has close to 300 albums and wants to get rid of them.

So since he lives in Sherman Oaks...I ask Michael to drive me there.

After being on the road for over an hour in LA traffic we arrive at this guys house. Now he lives at 5945 1/2. How do you live in a HALF??? ***oh i shoulda known***

IF you saw silence of the lambs you will know what I mean when I tell you this house looked like Buffalo Bills in the movie. I am SERIOUS.

Okay first of all he had crap everywhere. Not like shit but like STUFF. He had a huge statue of liberty head (ENORMOUS) all hanging from the ceiling. There was no place to walk at all. I swear this guy did even know what he had there. He said he did lazers for movies and stuff and then tired to tell us that he did lazers in Batman Forever and The Hit CHick. There were no lazers in the Hot Chick.

This dude scared me to death...Literally! I was waiting for him to toss Michael and I down into a well and make us put on lotion. He was about 6'4 and weighed about 130. Skinny as a snake and coke bottle glasses. If I had walked up to his house and been alone I woulda run away. He even had a sweet little dog like the guy in Silence of the lambs.

I think I was traumatized. Thank the gods for Michael. We only stayed long enuf to get about 150 albums. I think that may be plenty.

After that freak show I called Gina and Jeff and asked them to meet us for dnner. Jeff died his hair black underneath. WHY?!? he had beautiful hair. Anyway we went to Mels Diner and Jeff hardly spoke and wouldnt look at me. He made it very uncomfortable for all of us. If he didnt know Gina and Michael that would be one thing but he does. Shit he and Gina talk all the time. I told Gina that I am just gonna give her his stuff. I cant be with someone that doesnt have any personality. I wanted the Jeff I first met. The fun guy. He has become so depressed. And thats not so good.

On a different note. I am curious where all the sudden interest has come from in regards to Taime. I have had so many emails form him in the last couple of days. Its wacky. He is the only man I would be a groupie for. Kinda sick but true. I dont know what my facination with him is but back in the day he was the shit and in my time warped mind he still is.

I dunno maybe its cuz he is a real rocker..maybe its cuz he is Adrians fav too...

All I can say is I love the music and he is a real nice guy...freaky lookin but who the hell isnt huh? Lately my real taste in men has surfaced...I am sick of the way eveyone thinks. I told Gina last night i want a guy thats fun, loves sex, is a bad boy, wont take my crap (well maybe a little bit) that is smart (but can be dumb a bit too), and wont smother me. I knwo I would never get this with Taime but hey a good romp may not always be a bad thing. So hell Gina and I are off to the strip this weekend to see what we can see...Im still curious why all the sudden interest..I am so not his type and he can have any gurl he wants...wierd...

Anyways I am off to go to work. I gotta hang those albums tonight and I am sure Jeff is gonna wanna come down and so is David..when it rains it pours.



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