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4:27 a.m. - May 21, 2004
Pay the Warrant Day!!!
Okay allow me to first apologize for not writing yesterday. I was running late and didnt have time and honestly nothing to report so I didnt deem it an issue...BUT...the butt reeming ensued for my neglect and laziness. wont happen again.

Peaceful day yesterday. NO FAT HEAD. I do have a meeting with HR today about him at 9 am. The HR gal told me yesterday not to worry, and that I have done nothing wrong. I just worry about retaliation and stuff. Could be bad.

Tracy and Carey are in town from Canada. I am thinking of blowing off going to LA. I talked to Bobby last night and I asked him to go with me. I am not really able to afford it right now but if he wants to go I think I might can swing a little something. Thing is, I am not so jazzed on going to LA to hang out while those two look to hook up with whatever strung out band dude comes along. YES I Love rockers too...but ya know...ugh. Tracy had said something about them being able to take turns using the hotel room. What I am thinking is I am there to keep the other one company while one goes to hook up...hmmmmm...***shrugs*** I dunno. Fuck It. I COULD call Taime...Naw.

I am going to see Trudi at the Chili Cookoff at the Swallows Inn tomorrow. I am supposed to ride out there with Ken. BUT...Kinda wantin to drive....

Yep I am taking care of that fucked up warrant today...THEN..back to varoomsville. I have seriously missed driving...ugh.

Anyways it could be an off the hook weekend or a semi mellow one. We will see. If you are placing money on it...Put money on the semi mellow one okay?

Well I have emails to answer and food to get ready to take to I am off til monday....PEACE!




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