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5:23 a.m. - May 26, 2004
No More Younguns!
I had a couple of epiphanies today. Numero Uno is that Fat Head must pay for the way he treats me. I was feeling bad on monday that I had ratted him out. BUT not anymore. He came over and treated me like shit again as usual. Fuck Him.

Second...No interfacing with anyone under the age of 28...PERIOD. I am not going to go into how or why I had this decision happen cuz it isnt worth even mentioning...BUT...NO NO NO. I am NOT Ms. Robinson nor do I wanna be.

My Friend RB said he is collecting "Barbies"...

Here is My Barbie....

So I got an email from Graham in Hawaii...He got a Girl Friend so he isnt up for hanging...COOL! I m kinda glad. 2 weekes with him would make me nuts. He is sweet but oh so boring. Last time he was here we spent a couple of nights here and it wasnt all that. He wanted to do it again this time but now he is all like "I have a GF now. Dude what made you think I wanted to have sex with you again? UGH...Men...Ridiculous.

This weekend looks like it is gonna be a good one. I am maybe having a date Friday Night but not sure on that. YET. Saturday Ill Prolly go to Harry O's with Torchy to see Sammy play. Then on sunday I am gonna go get Bobby and go to Billy & Shar's then come home and go to Liquid Lounge and then Monday SLEEP. Weekend is looking up. I was gonna do a car show on saturday but it isnt looking like I am gonna make it to that (Sorry Trudi). Its just too many miles on Punkin and saturday with having to go to Harry O's I cant do all that driving.

Okay well anyways I gotta get ready for Hell...

Im Out



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