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5:51 a.m. - June 16, 2004
Nothing to Report
Well I didnt do dick last night. Okay I kinda fought with Mark but that doesnt count cuz he was drunk and wont remember. I talked to Tracy and she is coming in 2 weeks. I dunno what she has planned, ya know if she is staying here or not BUT...we will see.

So I was gonna go to Ontario to see Mark this weekend ..but then he said yes and then no and then yes...fuck it...Im not going...

Jill and I decided we are going to LA saturday night...need a change from the OC. I am supposed to see that guy sometime this week. Ya know they oe from yesterday. I have a feeling it may not be all that great. But who the hell knows.

Anyways not much more to report than that. Just another day of pure pleasure staring me in the face. Hump day of pay week aint that bad tho. I never heard from Petco yesterday so fuck that too. I ma doomed in this hell job on a stand off with Fat Head...

Okay Im Outty!



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