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6:04 a.m. - June 18, 2004
Lets ROCK!
Friday! An Upswing from the rest of the week...However I havent seen Fat Head nor Have I spoken to him so the week was GRANDE!

I finally hear from the mystery guy last night. However, even me telling him I would like to meet up he wouldnt define a time or place...***yawn***. I refuse to be the man here so I am gonna just do my thing...

I am supposed to go to Jills tonight to see the boys, have dinner and sit in the Hot

Tomorrow I am goin to LA! Fuckin Finally someone that will go with...So Its of to the land of the Jaded tomorrow night...WHOOPIE!!

I got new pics back from all sorts of nights out...SOOOOO...they will be posted here as soon as I can get to it.

Sunday as you know will be LL again...

Oh and speaking of THAT...Yum YUM keeps calling me and text messaging me..Does he think Jill wouldnt tell me that he hit on her? Fuckin kids...Oh my head...If he shows up sunday I think I will just hafta tell him where to stick it..

Okay thats it for now...Im out!



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