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5:39 a.m. - July 09, 2004
End -O-The-Week
Its Friday...I have NOTHING terribly exciting planned for the weekend...I was supposed to go out with Jill but that plan got quashed. So I am gonna play it by ear. I'll prolly lay low for sure tonight. Ricky and Lil Bit both called last night. I may see if Ricky wants to come over...or not.

I had the first Doc Control meeting without Fat Head yesterday. It was very clear how much he was a control freak and trying to hold us back and prevent us from working forward in any sort of career at this hell hole of a job. I feel a little more at ease now after hearing the big boss tell us he had better plans for us than bein in DC. Cool! And Romeo, another dept. Head said he wants me in his department..THATS where I wanna work. I actually think I am gonna go in tomorrow. I need the money. UGH. But hey is points for me and I need all I can get right now in that place. Hell at least I have a job right?

So looks like 19 more days fro Tracy to get here and I am actually looking forward to it...Im glad she and I are friends. I do miss Jill already I cant believe I didnt see it happens everytime...

I may go to the Bow sat with Lance or I may just stay close to home and go to LL sunday. Decisions Decisions...Im not making any decisions right now...Im gonna just go with the flow.

On another subject...Cy...Stop the Yammer and DO SOMETHING ALREADY....I told you it was fine...I think the Vacation is a great idea and you will feel much better to ya later today.

Okay I am off for another relaxing stress free weekend...Peace People!



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