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5:17 a.m. - August 04, 2004
Gawd have I been lazy and not posting ....NO I havent . I have been fuckin busy as hell...Shit I been in LA for the last 5 days. I have pics to post but I wanna gather them all together first. I am still waiting for a couple of people to send me the ones they took and I have another toll to develop.

I can give a brief rundown of events however....

Thursday last week I went to Thunderpussy with Steven and Tina and met Tracy and Lorraine there...I love those two gals...Before we went to the club tho steven and tina and I went to the Standard for drinks.

***A Note on Tina*** UBER drama queen...this is the most high maintenance person I have ever met in my life She actually called me yesterday to bitch me out cuz she said I cock blocked her...SHE is out of her mind.

Okay then Friday I went to the Key Club with Miss High Maint. to see some band play. She had made out with some guy and wanted to see him but couldnt remember who he was. I was back and forth between the Bow and the Key club til finally I decided no more key club and ended up hanging at the bar at the bow with this guy Jon,....HOTTIE. Lance came and friday was a blast at the bow. SOme hot little Glam guy wanted me to fuck him in the kitchen bathroom...He was a loony but cute.

Saturday night Steven and I went back to the Bow. It was dead cuz of OzFest. A very wierd crowd. None of the rockers I know. Shit T and Lorraine werent even there.

SUnday I went to LL for an hour. Tina asked me to go but she had some entourage with her and I wasnt feelin it so I only stayed an hour.

Then monday I went to LA ro see Metal Skool...FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!! I met so many people from MySpace and a shitload of new frieds. It was so fuckin hot inside the Roxy tho and I was back and forth between the Box and the Roxy. All the ex band memebers of PBF were hanging with me and T and Lorraine. Mark McGrath was there.

Long story short I hadta take a day to recover...and I am already revved up to go at it wont be pleasant seeing Tina but what the hell do I care anyways???

Its cool I am finally getting into the Rock Scene I always wanted to be in....what have I been waiting on??

Okay Im out more later with Pics....



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