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6:03 a.m. - August 24, 2004
Thanks Jerico!
Well OMFG os all I have to say. Dre and I went to WWE Raw last night at the Pond cuz Brandys new hubby got me free tickets...ANYWAYS....I wasnt gonna go BUT Dre likes wrestlin so off we went...

We had a BLAST...

Best moment of my life I think was when Jerico called out Edge and said... "Hey...ASSCLOWN!!! Get out here!!!"

Life is good.

Tracy finally surfaced last night still thinking that Chad and his woman are gonna break up. Its do or die time and if this broad doesnt go Tracy has to. Man that sux but such is life. it has been going on so long I am kind numb to it.

A little over a week and Adrian comes...Im so excited. I was talking to him everyday on the tele but I am giving him a little room for a bit. Plus I need ot get my shit together too.

So tonight is Nip/Tuck night and I am gonna come home, ride my bike and settle in for a Nip/Tuck evening. I am sure T will be here, that is unless she takes flight back tonight. The way she was talking Friday is the soonest she can go and afford it.

I do hafta say, I am sure she told all her buds in Toronto that she was coming here to work and live with Chad. I would hate to hafta eat that crow...YUK...



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