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6:11 a.m. - August 30, 2004
On Your Mark
Well the week Adrian comes is finally here. And I am sure as sure can be it is gonna drag and drag.

And Tracy come and got her stuff so she can go back to Canada today. So I wont have a million and 1 houseguests. Things are going on pretty well. Now I just gotta make sure his visit here is perfect and I look fabulous.

Yea its a stretch but what the hell.

I worked most of the weekend 8 hours on ssaturday and 5 on sunday. I need the money BAD. I didnt go out at all. I wanted to but i seriously forced myself to stay home. Reality is that nothing out there is gonna happen that I am gonna miss so I need to just chill. I am thinking as soon as Adrian is gona I am gonna take a month or two to focus on still losing weight and getting my fianancials in order.

Speaking of losing weight i have lost about 10 lbs. Cant really tell but my clothes are fitting different. I shoulda started earlier BUT, at least I am not looking like bloated road kill and thats a good thing.

So here I go into the week and counting the house til 5:50 pm when Adrians plane lands.

Its gonna be a long rough week.



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