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6:15 a.m. - September 01, 2004
Work Work Work
Tomorrow is IT....D-Day....Im a nervous wreck sorta. I am sure things will be fine.

Denise said last night that he wouldnt be coming here if he didnt still have some sorta feelings. But as I have said before...I am not gonna read anything into it. However if after tomorrow I dont write for a few days you know why. Its rude when you got company dontcha know???

So Imma come home and clean up and get the last few house hold details done and ready for him...then its time to rock & roll.

Work has made a suprising turn. The big bosses are being wicked cool to me. And Amid all the layoffs I am getting taught all sorts of stuff that has no bearing on what I really do. I dunno but it could end up being a good thing. I am ready to learn something a little new. And I actually cut up with my boss yesterday. I didnt think the bastard had a personality at all. Hmm wierdness...

Okay well I gotta get gone so ill write again later...Oh I posted Lyrics before this entry ..Its been a while thought I needed them.



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