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4:21 a.m. - September 02, 2004
Let the Party Begin!
Well today is the day...At 7pm I will be at John Wayne Airport pickin up Adrian. I hope this goes okay. I am sure it will Its gonna be a party for 5 days again....So the start of the 5 day party part 2.

I dont know how much I will be able to get on the puter but Ill try. However I am pretty damn sure it wont be to update my diary. However I will give a play by play as soon as next wednesday rolls around...But check back and see if I have a chance you never.

Yea I am nervous, anxious, scared, excited, nauseated, thrilled, yea I am a bag of NERVES!!!

I am gonna just chill and take it for what it really is...5 days of fun...

In the mean time I am OUT!!! See ya on the flip side!



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