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5:00 a.m. - September 10, 2004
Its Done
Its all done....

I gave notice at work yesterday and I told the landlord I would be out November 1.

Oddly enough things are falling into place. Chris my rent me his house. And the company that got me the job with APW is gonna hook me up in Oklahoma City. Mom and dad said they would pay for the uhaul and dad may come out and get it together for me.

Now I gotta figger out what to do with Russ and Mike. Russ has showed interest in coming with me. It would be cool. Michael however is on his own. I feel bad but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I am so torn between here and party heart is here but I cant stay in california just cuz its fun to party. I have made alot of really good friends....but as the past has shownme the really good friends will always be around. Plus I have MySpace to keep me intouch and of course Ill come out and visit.

Reality? My heart is inthe south. And my fam and the man i will always love is Im am following my heart back home....

To those who have touched my will always be with me....Im not dying just moving 1400 miles away....

So fuck it...I say..we party til I go!



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