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6:02 a.m. - September 09, 2004
A few party Pics
Let the turmoil begin....I knew it would happen but I gotta go...I talked to Adrian 2 times last night....I need to go home...

Dad said he would pay for it and mom or Kel one will fly out and get me. I just think it is gonna be alot easier in the Uhaul rather than movers. Then I have all my crap with me and the birds and stuff.

I would be gone already if I didnt have the birds.

I am still crying...1/2 because I miss Adrian...1/2 because I love my friends...I hafta keep telling myself that this is FAMILY and I need to be close. Its time for a fresh start for me I just dont see anything changing here for sobbing outloud.

I love him so much....

So on a different note here are a few pics...

Here is Me and Ryan..FINALLY geeting to hang out...Damn I adore him!

Sean and Me and much fun!

Me and Sean tearing it up

Me and T at the Bow...Damn she is awesome

PARTAY!!!! Me and Ryan!

Okay well on that note Im off to work....



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