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8:54 a.m. - March 10, 2005
LSPS review
Readers forgive me for I have sinned..its been DAYS since my last entry. I was sick for starters ... I mean projectile vomiting sick as fuck. I came home early from work on Tuesday...laid down and barfed up a lung.

There really hasnt been alot to report anyways so I kinda havent been too stressed about writing. I am excited about this weekend however...I am goinna give Brandy the brush off and go hang with a new party friend we will call Trix...she is also on Diaryland so if you check my favorites ..go read her shit...

In the meantime fair readers here is an update on Sugarbuzz...we are growing out of control. Over 150k hits for the month of march alone so far. Lucky and I are pumped and it just keeps getting bigger. In the mean time if you are experiencing random boredom I have a new review up on the Shug...Straight outta Texas and In Your Face...Check it out!

You can see the article if you click the Shug banner below!

In the mean time I am off to actually work today...sux but true...



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