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8:09 a.m. - March 17, 2005
Austin Here I Come
Happy St. Pattys Day. This is prolly the first year Im not doing anything to celebrate. Why? Cuz I am goign to SXSW YAY!!!!

I have been a lil lax about writing this week. The reason is the magazine is consuming 90% of my life it seems. Finally things are starting to fall into place. I am meeting new people and breaking the Brandy/Craig chord. I havent spoke to Craig in almost a month and honestly I feel better. I am nto drinking as much and I am making an effort to like it better here. Rumor has it that he is moving next month and that is A-OKAY with me. Brandy is still on her dating marathon. Thats okay too. I have met a new friend that actually likes to do what I like to do and that makes it all fantabulous.

I havent met anyone lately and thats fine too as I havent actually been LOOKING. I have had a couple of offers but I just kinda let it go to the way side as I really wasnt into it. No harm no foul. Plus I am alot more focused on what is to be between me and Lucky. I am thinking when I go to LA in July things with him will take off or just go away and I will be a writer and thats all. However I dont hink our feelings will ever change. We have shared way to much to just let it go and not see what can happen. Obsticals? Yea. Do I care? No.

The job isnt anything to write about. Just another place that has more issues than a magazine. But alas it is a paycheck.

I am leaving at 2 am to go to Austin. It should be a fun filled weekend. I have 5 rolls of film and 5 friends to get into trouble with. I need this weekend. Adrian offered for me to crash at his house sunday night. Might just do it. Who the hell knows.

For now Im out and wont write again til prolly tuesday.



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