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5:41 a.m. - May 11, 2005
Take Your Mama-The Video
Its 5:30 in the morning. I have to go to work early because I took off a 1/2 day yesterday and I cant be off cuz I need the money. So I am going in at 7 and working thru lunch today and tomorrow to make up for the time I missed. Yea I left at 2:30 yesterday cuz my allergies sucked. I got some meds but the only ones that work are the ones with antihistamines that make me sleepy. I gotta make up 2 1/2 hours. Maye I can do it all today. Who the fuck knows. I can tell you this however...I am thining I need to stop eating and drink more Jack.

Now on with my music focus I wrote a CD review of Scissor Sisters for the Shug (click the link at the side to read it...DO IT!). In the review I talk about a song that wont get out of your head...well here it is freaks...

I do wanna say that a certain person has made my days here more tolerable...and she knows who she is...even tho she didnt answer when I called last night....HAHA. Its cool I didnt wanna talk just tell you that I am putting up videos you will know now so there..Oh and for the record...Not a word from sugar daddy...TOLD YA!

Well I need to get my ass in gear or I wont be to work til 8 and that totally defeats the purpose right?

Im out!



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