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7:39 p.m. - May 29, 2005
Crazies and Mosh pits
I had an entry in here from earlier today. Somehow, someway nothing was working for me on it so I tanked it and here I am back to re-write what I wrote earlier...

Let me start this with the fact that BRANDY thinks I am seeking out her ex's to talk trash about her. One word...DELUSIONAL...that crazy bitch packed up and moved in with Cracker...and then tells people I am mad cuz she got a man and wouldnt go out with me. UH NO. I got perturbed because she does this all the time...bounces from one guy to the next and I cant take it anymore. I knew this 'fantasy' she had with Cracker wouldnt last...shit she is already sick of him...HA...see...I dont need that crapola. I talked to Dave, He asked me questions..I answered him honestly (I have no loyalty here right?). In case anyone is out there in complete confusion you can go back in the diary and read about Brandy and Dave and Brandy and whoever else. See Brandy never said all the shit she did was top secret...she never said..."dont tell dave I am giving my number to other guys even tho he (Dave) lives with me and I Am still married to Abi". So when Dave asked..I answered...he confronted Brandy...she said I was a two faced Liar...OKAY. Fine.

I went to Purgatory last night to cover Drowning Pool. Thank the gods I was on the guest was a 15.00 cover..YIKES...and so not worth 15.00. The guy that owns the place is a snot and the beers arent cold and mosh pits...whats up with that crap? I swear if I ran that place it would be so different...I called Bruce to see if he could go and never hear back. He just called and chewed me out cuz he said my number was blocked when I called and he couldnt call me back cuz it was a new phone and blah blah blah..OKAY OKAY SHUT UPPPPPP!!! Anyways...He siad he woulda com by last week but he was in and out of OKC so much that he didnt want me to think he just wanted to come by and leave...well at least he is being considerate...'LE SIGH'

So I am still looking for Axl...and NADA...shuckers...but in the mean time....have a little ass shaker on fuckin fitting...dontcha think?



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