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7:51 a.m. - May 18, 2005
Pay It Forward
I got my ticket for LA today so its a DONE DEAL..and I made absolutely sure it is non-refundable so that way if I go off on one of my hissy fits I cant get the money back and go drink it up. Which I have, on occasion, had a tendancy to do.

I asked mney man WHY he would just arbitrarily send ME money?? He doesnt know me and he has no idea where I live...and he said it was like that movie pay it forward...okay makes a lil more sense. He also told me that he would fund any more travels for the Shug for me if this trip went well...KACHING! I dont know what I did to deserve this but I am not going to question it.

I have an enormous zit taking up residence on my face. I wonder if I put black marker on it if it will look like a beauty mark? Yea its that big.

So I made a new friend yesterday...names Ajax Garcia. He and I talked on the phone for 2 1/2 hours. Most possibly the most intellegent man I have ever talked to in my life. And a he is

He is gonna try to come to Crue Fest. DAYUM. Crossing fingers...

As far as CrueFest goes..well Lucky got busted going to a show monday night and he didnt work yesterday. He is being a shit bag about picking me up in Long Beach and I am so fucking over it at this point. SO I am thinking that I am going to make arrangements with my FRIENDS. I have a headache.

I am gonna wo write my Alpha Male review...



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