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8:37 a.m. - June 20, 2005
Weekend and IM Fun
Sorry I havent written I been a busy BITCH...yea working! In between IM convos with Queenie...we had this great one the other day...

Queenie : omg and one time
Queenie : dave and I were at specs deli
Queenie : and they have all these expensive foods like caviar and truffles
Queenie : and he was asking me about truffles and why they are $100 lb
Queenie : I was like
Queenie : oh NIGS dig em up in some special place in France
Queenie : lol and I meant PIGS
Queenie : we were dying of laughter, he still has not let me live that one down
Vix : what the fuck
Vix : truffles are CANDY
Queenie : no
Vix : yes
Queenie : the mushrooms
Queenie : look em up
Vix : i have raspberry truffles all the time
Queenie : yeah those are different
Vix : no
Vix : truffles are candy
Queenie : I SWEAR TO GOD
Vix : I swear to ME
Queenie : lol
Queenie : there are candy ones
Queenie : and real mushrooms
Queenie : lol
Vix : <~~~investigating
Queenie : k
Queenie : see?
Queenie : lol told you!!!!
Vix :
Queenie : no no no
Queenie : look up the mushroom
Queenie : I am telling you there are candy truffles
Vix : i put in truffles
Queenie : and mushroom truffles
Vix : got balls o yumminess
Queenie :
Queenie : go THERE!
Vix : looks like a fetus
Vix : There are many other kinds of subterranean fungi,
Queenie : lol gross huh
Queenie : anyways, they are crazy expensive
Queenie : I prefer the chocolate truffles anyday
Queenie : yum
Queenie : $250 to $450 per pound.
Queenie : damn those are some special ass truffles
Queenie : LOL!
Vix : fuck why?
Queenie : the ones at specs are around $100-150
Queenie: they are rare
Queenie : only grow in certain places
Vix : in my ass
Vix : they grow in my ass and when I shoot an egg they come out
Queenie : you are hilarous!
Queenie : oh good god
Queenie : The female pig becomes excited when she sniffs a chemical that is similar to the male swine sex attractant.
Queenie : The use of pigs is risky, though, because of their natural tendency to eat any remotely edible thing.
Vix : what the fuck?
Queenie : talking about the pigs finding the truffles
Vix : not right on so many levels
Queenie : lol
Queenie: : ok I see now
QueenieShawna : there are places in the US whre truffles are at that are $150 lb
Queenie : the ones from france are the $450 ones
Queenie : lol we learned about truffles today calss
Queenie : class
Vix : I am in hell you really are into this shit
Vix : ahahahaha
Queenie : LOL!!!!!
Queenie : hahha the pig part was cracking me up man
Queenie : hmmm
Vix : I need to be sedated
Queenie: I almost shit myself
Queenie: ahaha, I wanna play plinko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love that girl????

Speaking of which she got her ticket for LA today!! FINALLY...the vacation is ON...Yea I wont get to have intermitten sex with Lucky but thats ok we will work that out...ALSO its all about the fun and not about the drama that other people going would cause.

Didnt do alot this weekend. Friday I met sherry fro a beer at Red Lobster andthen went home. Saturday went running around with ma and then came home and yesterday , went to the farm for pops day and swam. That was fun. Then last night I went to Bricktown Live and saw Star Crash Speedway play...again..Hung out with Anna and Shelby..THAT was fun. Came home and had nowhere close to enough sleep.

Russ got off his ass and mopped the floors and cleaned the kitchen and bath yesterday. Very is cool to walk thru he house without scuz on my feet...I did hafta ask him to do it but hey it got it done!

Well I am swamped at work today so I better get on it...



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