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9:18 a.m. - July 11, 2005
The Beginning and the End
Hi there! I am your official gatekeeper to Hell! Enjoy your stay!

THAT is exactly how I feel right fuckin NOW.

Chris came over last night and we had a really long talk on how to do things right with each other. He had kinda pissed me off yesterday but after he 'splained what was really going on and we had a meeting of the minds...well everything is A-Ok now.

What isnt A-OK is whats going on with Lucky. I wrote him the "I cant do this anymore letter" and off he went to San Diego for the weekend with Satan. He said he was gonna try to salvage his life. Doenst appear that happened. And so I get a call this morning from him saying he read my MySpace page and knows whats up and that he isnt stupid. I told him he doesnt know anything and that he can just stop right there. Well words have been exchanged and getting into it isnt worth my finger cramps. But just for the sake of tying up loose ends. I am nothing more than friends with him. Period Finito'!

I gave Chris a Key today and left him at home to get ready for work on his own. He is having a rotten day and I am gonna cook dinner and chill with him all night again. I think coming down off a long horrendous weekend was alot of stress for us both. There was alot of alcohol and his friends were less than understanding when it came to him. We talked about moving in together. Seems fast but sometimes you gotta. I like him more than anyone I have dated since Adrian.

Speaking of Him....well he is in a new band and they are opening for Journey in Wichita Kansas on the 22nd...FUCKIN A!!!



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