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9:54 a.m. - October 19, 2005
News and Such
I have been so busy lately. I have this new job where I go in late and dont get off til 6. So it makes being able to do anythign rather difficult. Its good money tho and I like what I am doing so I am not complaining too muc. And on the upside..Chris and I find enough free time to visit our favorite watering holes on a regular basis.

Things are going well. We have been talkign more than ever...and not wanting to jinx anything I am not going to go into alot of verbose details. But right now I am very happy. And we have/are working through the things that caused all the big problems.

We decided to slow things down a bit and it has been alot better. Plus my new mind set..."be here now" has made things alot better for me. I am not fretting or stressing over shit I cant control. And being able to do this has made our lives a hella lot better.

I needed to get past the 'cheating' 'Lying' mindset that I have experienced in the past and had that over shadowing what I really was experiencing...2 people figuring it out...and I needed to turn loose of him a bit to make him realize this is where he is supposed to be...and so far so good. we actually talk now and that has made a world of difference.

On another note...I am starting a new business here in OKC working with Brewer Entertainment bringing in out of state bands to the local venues. We are putting out of towners with big draw locals to get some new buzz about town. I really like working with these people. Its very cool and alot of fun...Plus I have gotten in cahoots with Barb from Oklahoma Punk Scene a bit and will be contributing to her quarterly e-zone...if i get the bands rolling thru here fast enough and the owner of the Green Door is wanting to talk to me abotu some bookings of larger shows there and funding. This is where I wanted to be musically...just like it was when I was in Dallas. Chris totally supports it and that means the world to me..

WellI guess I have rambled on alot here I am out for now and I will update regualrly again I promise!!!



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