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12:02 p.m. - September 30, 2007
The 411 and Stuff ... A Must Read
Okay so here is whats up. I figgered it would be easier to do it this way than try to send emails.

Thursday morning I went to the doctor to see about a place on my leg that hurt and was infected. The doc gave me a script for a sulfur based antibiotic....

Friday I gimped around at work all day in extreme pain. I think everyone thinks I over-exaggerate stuff. I really dont. If anything I under-exaggerate it. I dont want help or sympathy...usually.

When I got home I didnt think it was as bad as it was. Boy was I wrong I broke down and made the call.

Friday night my mom and dad had to take me to the ER because of an infection on my left shin. There is alot of different opinions as to where it came from. I do know i had an ingrown hair and right below it a mosquito bite. Both areas got the infection but where the hair was it was way way worse. (Dont shave your legs ladies with a dull razor!!!!)

The doctors had to give me a shot of Dimerol to make me woozy then I got a local so i couldnt feel them cut this shit open. I did but thank heaven we were created with the ability to remember we were in pain just not how it felt. I never call out for help when I called mom and dad at 11pm on friday they knew it was bad. So now I am on 2 antibiotics plus the shot I got in my ass of antibiotics and oxycodone for the pain. So I have been out of it and loopy. If you called or came by and I didnt answer its probably because I was in a coma. So I apologize.

Its Sunday and here I am stuck in bed with my leg up. About 15 minutes ago I looked at my leg and it was bleeding all over the place. My bandage had slipped and pulled the packing out of the hole. (thinking to this is gonna leave a nasty scar!!!) I dont know what to do or how to keep this thing from scabbing over. doc said to leve it open it has to heal from the inside out. It is so gross. I am so gross. I havent showered and all I have done is sit here. I want to get back out and do stuff. Shit work sounds fun but I am up and down so much I dont know if I am ready or not. Mom and dad may hafta take me back to the hospital later. I dunno.

I do wanna say I am sorry if I have seemed flakey, It isnt intentional. Its just, well if you know me you know how vain I am and I dont want anyone to see me like this. Thanks for all of you that have expressed concern and cared enough to call and ask if I need anything...I will be back to normal in 2 weeks I hope....By then maybe this shit will be gone.

the Wounded Vix



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