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12:03 p.m. - September 30, 2007
Worry About Your Own Approval
I guess I could be classified as juvenille and self centered. However I need to put out there this. WHO takes care of all my bills? my pets? my obligations? Yep thats right no one. I do it. So when it comes down to making life decisions, I look out for me. I am sure there are people out there that try all they can to please others and look to others for approval for their actions. I find this a bit sad. And I ask all these people this: Do the people you are looking for approval from worry about approval from you? If it was up to them to make a decision that would affect their lives greatly would they consult YOU first?

I want it to be known that it isnt that I am trying to be cold or self centered but more realistic. So to all you out there that dont like the decisions I make in MY life, and those that think I dont handle things they way they should be handled when it comes to MY life I am sorry. Nothing I do or say is directed at anyone but usually just me looking out for myself. Sometimes my choices may backfire on me BUT, I have no one to blame then but myself right?

As much as I appreciate constructive critisisim, remember sometimes if it is unsolicited, it is also unwanted. I dont try to make anyone feel guilty because the decisions or actions they make or take arent what I think is what they should do. I realize it isnt personally directed at me. I support my friends as well as aquaintences on al their choices regardless of wht I think personally. I realize they have to do what is right for them. I support that.

Do me a favor folks and do that for me okay?



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