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12:06 p.m. - September 30, 2007
Dirty Laundry
Is there really something wrong with self-preservation? Apparently according to a few people there is. I guess I am selfish as that I look out for myself first and everyone else afterwards. I am sure I have ranted about this before but I need to again. (The following are excerpts from an email I sent to Jen...and an update to why I wrote what I did to her...I needed to vent and you will see why)

I recently changed jobs. I was working at The Car Store up until recently. Those of you that are close to me know what happened, alot of you don't. But this should make it all come full circle, as I am not holding anything back at this point. I am sick of all this and need to get it out.

I got a horrible MRSA infection in my leg that left me laid up for over a week with no pay. The Car Store offers no sick days at all and after being there over 2 yrs I only get 5 days vacation so I was screwed out of pay when I was contagious and sick. I have Aflac but the papers I gave to The Car Store were returned to me unfinished and unsigned so the insurance I have been paying for was a waste and I was assed out of the compensation I feel like I should get because it was one of the benefits. So now its 3 weeks with no pay.

I got offered a new job with a hotel company that I graciously took. Because of time constraints, the fact I hate conflict and letting people down is another big factor in all this. But I am not the only one to blame I think people need to be a bit more accommodating and sometimes put aside personal agenda and look at the big picture. What I always fail to realize is that when it comes down to it we are all just basically looking out for number one....OURSELVES.

A few months back some money came up missing at my work. Not a couple of hundred more like a hundred grand give or take. The plan and way the money was taken was ingenious and very calculated. I was told to put a certain amount in an envelope every week and then I gave it to the person who was my supervisor and also my "best friend". I never questioned any of it until my dad noticed numbers weren't right. The digging on this was done before "my friend" and I went on a trip to Las Vegas. While we were gone the people at The Car Store uncovered alot of errors in accounting, missing deposit slips and errors in the cash register tape.

Now from day one I always wondered why when we closed the day we didn't balance the cash drawer to the computer. I was told there wasn't any way to be exact due to pay outs, petty cash, service tickets etc etc etc. Everything sounded logical and I didn't question it. I was a low man on the totem pole and I trusted like a fucking idiot. At one point the amount of money being put in the envelope was a lot and I told another co-worker it really bothered me. I showed her the amounts I had written on the hard copy of the deposit slips in the bank deposit record. I was covering my ass. I was told the owner was the one needing the cash but I had to not say anything because he didn't want people to know about it. I should have caught on then but I was blinded by the fact that the person who was taking the money in the envelope was not only my boss but also my "best friend". I wrote on the hard copy of the deposit slips in ink how much money I took out of the deposit for the envelopes I was instructed to collect. I did what I was told. Whenever I asked what the money was for I got a number of logical excuses..."its for computers for the new store" "its for furniture for the new store" "its to pay for the sign at the Mitsubishi store" "its to take care of some of the legal mess at the Mitsubishi Store" "its because [the owners] daughter and her husband are coming in town and they want to go out" "its for [the owner] to take his wife to New York for their anniversary, just to name a few of the reasons. I can only imagine what would happen if this was still going on when [the owner] takes his wife to Italy. I am sure she would of asked for 10 grand easy. For the last two years this girl played me and BS'd me so I would fork over money for her with no question. I consciously couldn't do that to anyone especially over a couple of years. I shared all aspects of my life with this girl. I was the perfect patsy. I am a clock watcher so I would leave work right at 6 or 7 and give her ample opportunity to set it up to look like I was the one stealing. She even had it fixed so I worked under her number on the computer so she could blame me if the bottom fell out. We went everywhere together and I thought she really was my friend...NOPE I was a scapegoat she was setting up to take a fall and she was going to go on living the good life on my father and the owners hard earned money. She even reallocated money from my dad and the owners money market fund and left about 700.00 in there and that was it.

She copped to about 40k but stands firm that she didn't take anymore than that. I guess she thinks she is going to put me on the block for the rest of the money. One of the guys there said that it was implicating me as that the register tapes were off on weekend days I worked. Hell I don't even know when I worked on weekends. We switched around so much and I never filled out a time card so I don't know. I told them I didn't and wouldn't take money and they are still saying I did. Well I think if they really believe that they should have arrested me or fired me when they let her go.

My parents just don't get it. My dad wrote me a horrible letter about my integrity and how me quitting work was basically saying I am guilty of stealing since I am not there to defend my "integrity" and that since I am making so much more money that he is raising my mortgage payment and that it had gone up the first of the year however he had been paying it thinking that I couldn't afford it. I never asked him to do that and it pisses me off that he paid the difference. I think he did it to have something to hold over my head. I didn't steal any money and I stand firm with that.

My friend saw the thieving bitch at the mall and that bitch was on a shopping spree, She has completely fucked my life up and she is out living large on the money she STOLE from my dads work and has basically made me look like I did it. I'm so sick of all this I could just scream. I want it all over with and I want her to die.

I sit here and just sporadically bust into tears thinking about all the crap that bitch as put me through and the wedge she has drawn between my folks and me. Things were finally on an upswing and I was bonding with them so well and then all this. And because I change jobs and I am looking out for me I have become the bad guy. It really pisses me off because I am a decent person and the fact that these assholes at The Car Store actually are thinking I was on the take with her is just making me mental. I think I might need therapy. The damage I am experiencing due to all this is eating away at me down to the bone. Things were really going well with me and my family and now its unraveling like never before. Its like my family believes the bullshit at The Car Store and doesn't give a fucking shit about me. I am being railroaded and I haven't done anything. I found a job I really like and I feel guilty for thinking of myself and taking it and not staying at The Car Store. They say me quitting like I did just admits I am guilty. Let me put it like this...I didn't but I had an opportunity come around and I took it. I am not going to work somewhere that people think I am a thief and I am constantly being accused of crap. It makes for a hostile work environment and I am not going to be a part of it.

I asked them for a job description over 2 months ago and they couldn't give me one. I asked them for proper training or direction and all I got was to be yelled out for shit I didn't even know I was responsible for. I cant get thru the day without Xanax and I am sick of crying al the time. I don't know what to do.

I want this to be made public that I did NOT take anything from The Car Store and I will stop at nothing to see justice is taken and to defend me and replace the loss my family has experienced.

If you happen to encounter my "friend" or think about getting involved with her on any level beware.



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