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7:06 p.m. - October 07, 2007
Tats and Reading at work...
Im at work. I gots a new job and I work here now

Please dont call and harass me I think I would kill someone.

Its sunday and slow as fuck. I am the only one here and have 8 check ins. I have to work til 11pm and then go home go top bed and be back here at 3 tomorrow. One thing to break up the monotony is that I get to go get more ink tomorrow. My back is looking suweeeeet. Here are a few pics of the progress....

Matty doing my guns

Finished guns

My sparrows that cover up my dragon

the back before the flags

and the Corvette flags in progress

Its all a big fucking mess. Most people have a "theme" mine is just junk of the moment you know? However it has locked me in to always keeping the 280Z and the Corvette....Kinda stupid to have that flag and not own one huh? I could cover the Z on my hip but not so much those flags. I also go the bird on my leg covered is that before and after...

It is a Pegaseahorse...and it is a zillion times better than that ugly bird.

Im stir crazy. I just got the new Nikki Sixx book "The Heroin Diaries" I finished "The Dirt" about Motley Crue and "TommyLand" by Tommy Lee. I guess I have a theme going with the reads lately. Both of the first books are fucking awesome. Ill let you know wbout this one when I am done ...tomorrow.

Peace and stuff



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