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6:56 p.m. - Nov. 5, 2002
Nothin Special
Day two of the new Job-O-Rama

Not to bad, be honest I think I can do this...decent hours no MOD weekends...guess what? Quality of life....WOOOO HOOOO!

So a while back Brenni had tried to hook me up with this GUY that worked with her ex...he and I chatted and stuff but never could seem to make a connection becuz he was a bigger flake than me...damn if he doesnt work with me and damn if he aint pretty cute...he figgered it out this afternoon...we shall see I would definately go out with that is something to keep up with huh?

Havent heard from J or KK...odd for Kk not J tho....*sigh*....friends...RIIIIIGHT..whatever.

Chili Pepper is coming in this weekend to hang with me ..think I will treat her and D to dinner and we will go get beers.

My new hours are 8-5 so I will try to write on a more consistant basis...sorry tonoight is boring ...Buffy premier...cant wait..!!!




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