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5:49 p.m. - Nov. 24, 2002
Get a grip
Cripes I am tired. I dont think I have been this tired in a long time.

Had a pretty decent weekend. Spent some time with Little Bit. It was cool. The problem is that I am not about money and Little Bit is. I dont think that what you have makes you who you is who you are that creates the worth. I also know for a fact that the "party" life is not so cool anymore and if you were a "party-er" a long time ago and a couple of years have passed then it is possible that your "party pals" have moved on with their lives...Okay so reminesing is fun can only relive it in your mind....reality is that the clubs you hung in are probably closed , a few of the "party-ers" are probably DEAD from drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning and the true survivors of the fights, ecstasy filled nights, and trance dancing probably have snapped out of should too....the future is a good thing . It gives you more than one second chance all the time. So on that note....I would hafta say that the time with Little Bit may be limited until we hear the pop and reality of what life is really about sets in. I dont care about having a Lamborghini NOW or EVER..NOT a priority..Yea I get a little spastic about Punkin and Blackie and all the others...BUT I DO attempt to be able to have conversations about things other than the following:

A. The car I want

B. The car I used to have and why I dont anymore

C. My friends

D. All the rich famous people I know

E. My friends cars

F. How much money my friends have

G. How great Nintendo 64 is

H. How I plan on being rich

Okay I went berzerk there for a sec. Sorry....

Fact is I am STILL hung up on J and I am beginning to think I always will be...I'll NEVER be able to date anyone again....*LONG SIGH*....I KNOW I said I try not to consistantly talk about the SAME THING OVER AND OVER...BUT..this is MY diary and if you dont wanna know...hell read the disclaimer

Thanksgiving is next week. I will be depressed so be ready. Looks like it may be Swansons for me..I hope they have a Hungry Man 1 pounder with turkey and dressing.

Maybe I'll get lucky and get an invite...But if not I'll put up the tree and watch the fucking parades...wait...thre are clowns in the parades...screw THAT!

I am tired and I am gonna shut down for a while. More on my week later....

TTFN PS here is a new feature....
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