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6:49 p.m. - June 14, 2003
OH my head....
Okay I did NOTHIN productive today..wait I took a shower and made the bed..and waxed the punkin....okay it wasnt that unproductive...

Paco is singing Foo Fighters...he is kick ass...Harley is asleep..I should wake him up so he will let me sleep in the AM...I may just keep them up late...

I am in a need to know situation here...why the FUCK is it that the only people in fast food drive thrus are foreigners??? GODDAMMED they dont fuckin get it...your chance is better at winning powerball then them getting your order right..even if you just order off the menu with no adjustments...okay sorry there was an "incident" at snarls junior today...I am over it now.

I am so stinkin bored...someone should hammer nails in me...I wanna go out but I dont ya know..I just dont feel like putting forth the effort and Sassy doesnt wanna go out...and D is out with Antichrist #2 to see GOD coulda gone but as I said before NOT IN THE MOOD TO PUT FORTH ANY EFFORT...really...Plus I am saving up all concert energy for the 25th of next month....COUNTIN THE DAYS!!!!!! (dont tell me I am a loser I know it already!!!) However if you wanna see the hot plastic dress show up to see the show cuz I am gonna be rockin my ASS off....I dont care how old and wasted the band members are...HEAR THAT JEWELS???? lol (kidding baby!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will go outside for an extended period of time...need some sun, fun and unsolicited attention...

I have made the majority without making a "call" today...I may hafta take sleeping pills to get thru the night but I gotta do this...

I guess I need some lyrics for today dont I? Okay boys...sing to me...

Ride, glide, let your body slide.

Let it in, let it out, let it go.

Remember something

That breaks your heart,

Gets in your way.

Break off the line, baby,

Break out the wine, babe, and celebrate.

Oh, don't you hesitate.

Come take me by the hand,

I'm wiping clean the slate.

Fun and sun have got you on the run,

Let it in, let it out, let it go.

Okay it may make NO sense to anyone reading this but it does to me so fuck ya...HA HA HA...(if ya show up to the show it will).

I am the tour guide of Hell....So go sell crazy somewhere else cuz I am all stocked up....Just hadta throw that in there....I am losin it...ROFLMAO.

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