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8:14 p.m. - June 17, 2003
I Cant Stop Cleanin!!
I came home from work and have been in this fucked up cleaning frenzy...My room smells like Fantastic Cleaner...I am gonna GAG!!! I dont know whats wrong with me its insane and the more I clean the more I cant stop...Obsessive/Compulsive? MAAAAYYYYBBEEEEE

I ripped everything outta my closet and organized it by color and sleeve length how screwed is that???? Maybe I was tired of all the buckwheat Mr. P threw all over the floor to cause this cleaning thing...BUT I know not being able to find what I wanted to wear to work is what set me off....I was worked up over that all day....

I need a hobby or a man BAD....

Didnt do anything earth shattering today...I did get a bit unsettled at work when one of the girls was talking to another girl at work really loudly how there are "so many misfiled files". I feel like that was directed at me ..and had I had a redbull today and been feeling my norm I woulda prolly fronted her out...instead I think I'll just zip it. What goes around comes around and it seems funny to me that she only pulls shit like that when the boss isnt around. I dont know why she tries to make me feel stupid but it aint workin...I think she is scared of me...too bad..I thrive on shit like that....LOOK OUT!

Well I talked to A last night and today....He isnt comin here and I think that is good...he told me I make things difficult for him (he calls me for advice?...IDIOT) I play devils advocate to him..he loves it and hates it...I think it makes him frusterated that even after all these years I am right...funny thing is ...6 years ago I told him something about the girl he is with now and DAMNED IF I WASNT RIGHT....GAWLLLLLLLEEEEEE...whoda thunk it? Its all for the best tho. I think one of my better character traits is that I never backslide..Not even with Jeff...and I certainly dont plan on starting now. I am glad tho that he and I are speaking...he is a refreshing breath of fresh air...and at a very safe distance....HA

Didnt talk to CK today...didnt figure I would. There was an email but it isnt even worth mentioning. He told me last night he was maybe taking his dad out to dinner...usual circumstances, he would call later and stop by...but lately nothing is usual...

There is a kick ass chili cook-off charity bike run this sunday at the Galaxy...if anyone wants info just shoot me a note and come out...lots of beer, dancing and fun...hell I'll be there misbehaving as usual...COME ON CHILI PEPPER WE ARE GONNA WIN WIN WIN...

Well I am gonna go sit down and chill since I havent since I have been home...gotta call Jim and the gang out in the desert, see whats up...and being the idiot I am I may get back up and type more if the feeling gets me....




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