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8:50 p.m. - July 6, 2003
Wasted Days......
Well what a waste of a day....I didnt do jack shit but hold down my bed all day. I was gonna go over and hang at Stretch's today but the goof hurt his back playing tennis...or so he says...I think...he was paying me back for all the times I cancelled on him. Actually the thing is I don't give a rubber rats ass.

It was nice to be alone today. needed it. I was beginning to feel the walls closing in on me with Blue.

I went walking with D tonight...we walked 2 1/2 miles. I think I am gonna try to do that every night just to get in a little better shape. And as hard as it is gonna be for me I think I may throw myself up on the wagon til the concert in 2 weeks.

Speaking of concerts I watched that movie Rock Star this weekend... cheesey as I thought it would be it was actually pretty damn good. Reminded me of when I used to run with bands and live the life...Yea I miss it...well most of it...Thinking about getting back to my rock and roll roots...damn those were happy times...

Anyways there was one song that was really good and heart felt so here are the lyrics cuz they kinda hit a tone you know?

Risk my soul

Test my life

For my bread

Spend my time

Lost in space

Am I dead?

Oh Let the river flow

Through my callused hands

And take me from my own

The eyes of the damned

It makes my stomach churn

And it tears my flesh from bone

How it turns our dream to stone

And we all die young

Oh tell me I know

I live so afraid

And still we cry alone

With words left unsaid




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