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4:32 a.m. - July 9, 2003
Reasons why I couldnt sleep
Early...yep its 4:30am and I cant sleep anymore. It isnt like I went to bed at 6pm or anything. In reality it was like 10:30. And as usual just as I start dozing off...RRRRIIIINNNNGGGGG. Phone call...not that that is odd but it is when it is on my home phone. Very few people have that number (it is primarily reserved for bill collectors and telemarketers) so of course it calls my attention to my caller ID...light on..look over...oh shit...CK.

Havent heard from him all weekend. And he hasnt been online...He was on my mind (when is he not) but I figgered he was "dealing" with what ever in his way of dealing and/or was busy. I was 1/2 wrong...bad weekend and now he is in Michigan on business. We had a good talk I told him about my car issue...brake drama and bodily injury...he apologized for not checking on me and we both admitted that we miss each other (in a wierd anti-relationship way). Like I said the talk was good and the feeling was good. His little bro comes in town to visit him Thursday for a week...but when he leaves I think we may Haus of Pizza it and chill. Its all good. I do miss him, as much as the tribe hates it I do.

So thats reason number one why I couldn't sleep anymore...

Remember back a loooong while ago and I had mentioned "flounder"? Got an email from him yesterday evening. He is very sporatic with the emails. Maybe his job? Maybe he has a girlfriend? Who the hell knows...But he asked me out for this weekend. Sunday to be exact. I said yes for now. The prollem is that I think if things go well with Scuba I may need a recovery day (Saturday) and Sunday I dont think Ill wanna go out on another date. In all honesty, the way this guy is...I wont hear from him again til way after the fact. NO BIG. I really was thinking about cancelling anyway I dont think I am really into it. PLUS I dont like losing my whole weekend. I dont mind one date but two? And I do need me time also. TWITCH TWITCH

So the date with Scuba...number two why I couldn't sleep anymore.

Goin to see Z God today...Get Sassy's car and pick up my hubs...Sass and the "filing" issue was on my mind.

Reason number three why I couldn't sleep anymore.

***damn brain***

Here are reasons 4,5,6 & 7 why I couldnt sleep

I need to mail a couple of bills and I am outta stamps so I gotta stop and do that.

I need to put gas in my car (hate doing that).

Its Hamster Dance's birthday at work ...gotta get a card...

Have a few emails to send...

Should I keep going? Naw I think you get the picture.

***damn brain***

(you know what I am talking about dontcha John???)

So it is Hump day or in Vic-speak speed bump day and tomorrow is Goat Day. I am trying to not drink so much and I am feeling way fat or heavy. yea heavy makes more sense...would like to shed a few before the Oklahoma jaunt.

I am going straight from work to pick up Sass at the Elephant Bar then we are going to get her car and my hubs. Everytime we go to Z Gods we end up staying for a wretchedly long time. I hope it doesnt end up being like that tonight. It was discussed to go on a "tour" in the new Z but it is debateable. I will need to get home at a decent hour. So I am gonna send a few early morning "get the hell up and have a nice day" emails...So I will catch ya on the flip side (thats old radio speak for see ya later...)

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