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4:42 a.m. - July 11, 2003
Runway to fun!
FRIDAY FINALLY!!!! Why is it when you have NOTHING planned the week zooms by and the weekend crawls, and then when you have weekend plans the week crawls and the weekend zooms by? It makes no sense.

So tonight is the date with Scuba...we talked for an hour last night...Its gonna be sooooo much fun. We discussed not really airing the details of what we have planned but lemme tell ya this much...I will prolly need a whole day to recouperate. I am sure after the fact I will toss some "this is what happened" morsels out there, but for the most part you know I dont kiss and tell. I just get this crazy energy from him...its like it is feeding me. I know that sounds really stupid but its true. And if I can pick up on that without physically being near him, can you imagine what it is gonna be like face to face. I know I build stuff up and am sometimes disappointed, but he is very straight up and I like that. Hell he has kept me on pins and needles all week. How cool is this...he calls me after work and we chat and when I said "well gimme a call later" he says no...lets wait til tomorrow. YIKES...playing it right guy keep it up! As far as his roomie..not a girl or ex-girlfrind. Some guy he works with so keeping things on the DL on the home front is cool...I feel alot better not having peeps to my house right off the bat too. No worries there. Okay enuf rambling about him...more as it progresses.

Blue..I got a VM from him yesterday...sounded kinda remember that I havent spoken to him since saturday. His VM prompted "the letter". I didnt want to but it needed to be done. I wasnt mean just to the point about how I couldnt offer him what he was looking for and that he came on way to strong (roses after a week? AND the "L" word? Nice but YIKES!) I figgered I would get mean mail from him...NOPE...a very sweet reply saying thank you for you and "may the sun shine on your face and the wind be at your back". WOW...dude has class and is very kind hearted. I wish things coulda been different...Timing was just off. Cest la Vie'.

Nothing else major on the "Me" front...As far as the Tribe...well..Sass hasnt gotten her car yet and that is a bummer. She is going to Misery (Missouri) on tuesday and comes back on sunday..I am gonna FREAK OUT. We will hafta party when she gets back. Ill miss her. Her and Big E are an "official" dating machine...Thats so cool. Isnt it great when the right fit comes together? I am happy for them. I told her I would take her to the airport on Tuesday..but being the sweet bitch I am If she wants to say bye to Big E I'll let him take her and Ill pick her up..either worries.

Not doing the car show on sunday...did I mention that the other day?...Pre 1975 MY ASS... rat bastards.

Well its time to get rollin...I gotta purdy up for work and throw a few things together for tonight (seein as how I will be rushed shen I get home) DUDE wants to start our date at 6pm!!!

There will prolly be a gap til saturday or worries ..I am fine...just livin it up FOR ONCE!


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